Saturday 7 November 2015
Cooran School of Arts Memorial Hall

Sunday 8 November 2015
Caloundra Uniting Church

Sunday 15 November 2015
St Peter’s Catholic Church Coolum


Violin Julie-Anne O’Reilly Clarinet Graham Evans
Flute Sharelle Guest Bassoon Neil Heymink
Oboe / Cor anglaise Ronald Webb
Piano Janet Brewer Compere Nancy Tow

The Pacific Chamber Players formed in 2001. Through its concerts the ensemble supports cancer research in memory of its founding member Deborah Tetley. Deborah was a superb musician and flautist and is missed greatly for her strength and passion for music. Last year a total of $1015 was donated to this cause.

This is the last in a series of four successful concerts by the Pacific Chamber Players for 2015. Once again the ensemble has been invited to participate in 4MBS Festival of Classics to be held May 2016. Please refer to for performance dates in 2016.

If you have a piece of music you would like us to play please contact us through our website and we will endeavour to include it in one of our programmes. We look forward to seeing you in 2016.


MENOTTI Trio for Violin, Clarinet and Piano
(1911 – 2007) I Capriccio: Allegro
II Romanza: Andante espressivo
III Envoi: Allegro

MIGNONE Sixteen Waltzes for Solo Bassoon
(1897 – 1986) III Misterio
IV Valse-Choro

POULENC Sonata for Flute and Piano
(1899 – 1963) I Allegretto malincolico
II Cantilena
III Presto giocoso

VIVALDI Concerto da Camera in G minor, RV 103
(1678 – 1741) I Allegro ma cantabile
II Largo
III Allegro non molto

TCHAIKOVSKY “Autumn Song” from The Seasons
(1840 – 1893) arr. For Bassoon and Piano


BEETHOVEN Variations on theme “La ci darem la mano” from
(1770 – 1827) Don Giovanni

STRAVINSKY Pastorale for Violin and Wind Quartet,
(1882 – 1971) arr. S Dushkin

KHACHATURIAN Trio for Clarinet, Violin and Piano
(1903 – 1978) I Andante con dolore, molt’ espressione
II Allegro
III Moderato


In this programme we rendezvous with composers from across the width of Europe and even south to Brazil!
Italian-American Gian Carlo Menotti’s lyrical compositional style stems from the Italian operatic tradition. An opera in itself the three instruments of this trio act as characters. Full of lush Romantic harmonies the first movement is quite whimsical. The second takes the listener through the joy and uncertainty of the emotional journey of love while the third is a lively despatch between the three instruments.
South to Brazil, Francisco Mignone was the son of an immigrant Italian flautist. His style reflects the charismatic emotional and rhythmic elements of Brazilian popular music.
Poulenc’s Sonata for Flute and Piano illustrates the graceful French style of charming melodies. A member of Les Six, French classical music of the 1920’s was spare, witty and reflected a contemporary music hall and circus style. Although written in 1957 elements of this are found throughout the piece.
Once again Vivaldi’s hallmark style of rhythmic vitality is evident in his chamber concerto RV 103. Is that a pop tune one can hear in the first movement?
And now a little Tchaikovsky for you to ponder over during interval……
Our second half of the programme begins with typical Beethovian intellect and expertise. These variations feature the qualities of the flute, clarinet and bassoon, not to mention the technical abilities of each player.
The music of Stravinsky has been controversially described as appealing more to the intellect rather than the heart. His craftsmanship does reinforce this in that every note, harmony and rhythm has a defined purpose. Definitely for the heart Pastorale is a song without words dedicated to the daughter of his teacher Rimsky-Korsakov.
Armenian composer Aram Khachaturian loved life, was impulsive and had a passionate temperament, all of which are found in his music. We hear this in this trio. The harmonic language, expressive melodies, rhythmic layers and virtuosic instrumental writing are all particular to Tbilisian folk music. Come on a journey from a peaceful Armenian scene to a pulsating hypnotic rhythmic dance. Janet Brewer


Reverend Robin Osborne and the Parish of Caloundra Uniting Church
Mr and Mrs John Everell for the use of their piano
Father Joe and the Parish of St Peter’s Catholic Church, Coolum
margie l, Photographer