Lessons in Piano, Harpsichord, Clarinet,
Flute & Saxophone



Individual music lessons are provided to interested students (as suited to the instrument) in my private studio at Ninderry in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. I teach classical and contemporary styles in piano, harpsichord, flute, clarinet, saxophone and theory of music.
Lessons are tailored for individual needs and goals. My teaching gives students support and guidance to achieve their fullest potential and tools to problem solve technical and musical issues. They are typically 30 or 60 minutes once a week depending on level of learning and individual goals but this may be variable depending on personal circumstances. I have and continue to teach people of all ages and from all walks of life. Lessons are both enjoyable and educational.

Lesson Content

  • Correct technique
  • Musical elements
  • Aural development
  • Performance preparation
  • Practice tips
  • Instrument maintenance advice
  • Use of inspirational resources such as videos, recordings, notification of workshops and performances

Expectations of Students and Parents

  • Being ready to learn in a positive environment
  • Doing sufficient home practice (preferably daily)
  • Coming to lessons prepared
  • Parents supporting their children in organising a practice routine, helping them to make their music a priority in their life
  • Giving 24 hours notification if unable to attend
  • Talking with me about goals and ideas

Please contact me by email for further information on upcoming concerts and tuition